Beamsley Bomber n tanks etc

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mcnab created the topic: Beamsley Bomber n tanks etc

anyone know the location of the crash site of the Lancaster Bomber on Beamsley? ie GPS co-ordinates,4622593

I can remember two abandoned tanks being up there too. One was just sat on one of the concrete tank roads and another nearer Timble.

Was this one of them?

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solarplexus replied the topic: Beamsley Bomber n tanks etc

I haven't got any grid reference / geo-location info for the Lancaster, but maybe you can try contacting the following sites for some help:

Peak District Air Crashes - Avro Lancaster RA571
Yorkshire Aircraft - Avro Lancaster RA571
Out of Oblivion - Modern Warfare
Flikr Photostream - RA571

Do you have any other info about the tanks? The link you've posted, I can't get to work - can you redo it please.

Is this of any use?
Royal Tank Regiment - 9th Battalion
Scroll down the page to find the following -

"1.2 Otley and the First Churchill Tanks
In May 1941 the 9th left Gateshead - ...... - and moved to Farnley Park, Otley, Yorkshire. .......... It was undoubtedly the nearby moors that made Otley so attractive to the War Office, either with a beret or without. By this time all ranks had had their basic and technical training, and had been grouped into squadrons, troops, and supporting echelons. They were now ready to train on the tanks in which they would fight."

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