Boycott Tesco to support Palestinians?

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Jasper replied the topic: Boycott Tesco to support Palestinians?

BertieWooster wrote: Don't massively disagree with anything you've written Jasper, except this...

Jasper wrote: So, its all kicking off again in Gaza... Israel attempts to assassinate Mohammed Deif, leader of Hamas, and apparently succeeds in killing his wife and children.

You make it sound as though Israel re-started the conflict. They didn't. Hamas started launching rockets again a number of days ago, targetting Ben Gurion airport and specific settlements like Yad Mordechai.

I would think that trying to assassinate the leaders is a more acceptable strategy than mass-bombing; Al-Daif was a field commander and therefore responsible for actual military attacks.

My sympathies will continue to remain with the Palestinian civilians, women and children who are enduring this hell, being killed and maimed but who seem determined to continue to support Hamas given no other option for a way forward

And my sympathies continue to remain with the civilians on both sides. You haven't suggested what Israel should do to respond to continual rocket attacks (being a nuclear power is all very well, but as they wouldn't nuke Gaza or the West Bank, a little moot).

Thanks, Bertie. I didn't mean to suggest that Israel imitated this new campaign of aggression, though re-reading my text I agree that it reads as if I did.

I don't see assassinations and mass-bombings as acceptable alternative choices. The rocket attacks are largely ineffectual and do not justify a wholly disproportionate brutal response.

Israel may be unable to use its nukes because of the potential effects on its own citizens but that does not alter the gross imbalance of military power between these two states.

All wars have to find a negotiated settlement in the end.... the sooner this happens here the better!

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