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riverwalker created the topic: planes, trains and automobiles

Returning home yesterday evening (after some time away) I noticed a few things, upon boarding the train from Leeds to BUW.

1. Even the earlier trains (4PM) are standing room only.
2. Kirkstall forge is intermittent in stop-offs and whats there anyway
3. Cars in Burley seem to be parked everywhere. After settling home, I ventured through long meadows - cars parked up on most of the roads(s) through the estate - including the entrance to the estate by the Red Lion (chippy run)
4. Burley NO-OP - no fresh bread. I saw several suited gents walking in and staring at the empty isle before walking out
5. Traffic having to deal with parked cars around the NO-OP is diabolical
6. And later, the NO-OP rigid-sider is parked right across the road to in load its shoddy merchandise. I guess the justification for the loading area off the main road was another NO-OP

With all the houses planned, and no assessment of how to deal with the increased traffic (yet alone the existing traffic) will Burley need a new bypass to bypass the congestion

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Domski replied the topic: planes, trains and automobiles

1. I catch the train every day at various times between 4pm and 6pm from Leeds to BIW and the only time there aren't seats available is when a previous train has been cancelled. At 4pm I'd still be surprised if there weren't seats available if that was the case.

2. During the day it's only every other Ilkley train that stops at Kirkstall Forge but the Bradford and Skipton trains stop there at busier times. It's definitely becoming more popular even if only as a park and ride.

3+5. There's lots of cars in Burley and people love to drive them everywhere and park them badly.

4. It probably wouldn't be that fresh by 4pm anyway.

6. Maybe they should airlift the supplies in lol

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RBC replied the topic: planes, trains and automobiles

Riverwalker I share your bemusement at what goes on around the CO-OP the build up of traffic is ridiculous and when they decide to take a delivery in the middle of the day and dump the wagon across the parking spaces it creates a bottle neck. As for what goes on inside the self service tills constantly break and the staff are not interested. They seem happy dumping cages in the aisle making it difficult to negotiate and as for the food no thanks the only reason I go near the place is in case I need beer.

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