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RBC created the topic: Co-op

Always a source of amusement this place but today took the biscuit for me.

Pulled up to the sight of three staff members outside having a fag break nothing not normal there (if I was the manager I'd tell them to maybe go round the corner as I personally don't think it looks great).

Anyway walked into the store to be greeted by a que going down the aisle with two staff members on the till with the third unmanned.Is it me or would it not make sense for one of those outside to perhaps jump on the till just to clear the backlog?One of the self service tills was also down but that's nothing new.

I get the store is small and really shouldn't be where it is but the place just seems to be run with no real common sense applied or management.Theres constantly trolleys in the aisle that are waiting for a phantom memeber of staff to unload its contents as well.

Not forgetting when the delivery wagon turns up to deliver stock and just parks across the available parking spots to dump its load at usually the busiest time of day.

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